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Will California ever get its high-speed rail?

The California High-Speed Rail project continues to receive attention. But where is it now and what can we expect next?

The Elizabeth Line is a success: so what about Crossrail 2?

Following the launch of the Elizabeth Line, Boris Johnson said that the UK Government should be “getting on with” building Crossrail 2

How sanctions are impacting Russia’s railways

Military activity and sanctions due to the Ukraine–Russia conflict have had a significant impact on the Ukrainian and Russian rail networks

A timeline of Crossrail delays

Besieged with problems, London’s Crossrail project comes in over budget and considerably delayed, but it is finally here.

Full steam ahead for young CEO

For most 15-year-olds the very idea of becoming a CEO is foreign, if not foreign then most certainly an aspirational one that might, possibly, become reality in the years ahead. But for Harry Burr there was no time to wait: things needed doing and he was the one to do them. Burr, the chief executive of Sustainable Transport Midlands, talks to Andy Tunnicliffe.

The MaaS effect: will future travel be on demand?

We speak with SkedGo CEO John Nuutinen and MOTIONTAG managing director Fabien Sauthier about Mobility-as-a-Service and how it can facilitate better transport options.

Track and trace: keeping the railways free from Covid-19

As the UK begins to move again following months of lockdown measures, train operating companies are trying to get back on their feet whilst protecting staff and passengers from Covid-19. React cleaning specialist Shaun Doak discusses the challenges they face in keeping trains free from the virus and encouraging passengers to get back on board.

Will HS2 Birmingham Curzon Street provide the blueprint for future rail stations in the UK?

The first project to get the green light as part of the hotly contested and hugely anticipated HS2 project in the UK is Birmingham Curzon Street Station. The company’s Hala Lloyd discusses the station, what it means for HS2 and the city, and why it promises to redefine rail infrastructure projects of the future.

A level crossing: should Scotland be on the HS2 railway line?

An influential group is calling for Scotland to be included in the route for the UK’s High Speed 2 line if the government wishes to meet its recent pledges to “level up” the region. Greengauge 21 CEO Jim Steer explains why this is important and what needs to be done to achieve it.

Q&A: unlocking the potential of hydrogen on the UK’s railways

As the world contends with the realities of the day, there is hope the current climate may prove the catalyst for a refocus of energy towards green innovation. The University of Birmingham’s Dr Stuart Hillmansen talks about the HydroFLEX project and what it might mean for the rail network of the future.